Just Right Sage Crochet



A throw of three-dimensional proportions and easier than you might think!  Don’t be afraid to try it if you think you are not yet an intermediate crocheter! Motifs begin as a donut; then the donut center gets layered with spokes (crocheted separately) added in a round turning the donut circle into a hexagon, and then surrounding it with baubles of double crochet clusters. Thirty-seven motifs form a finished hexagonal throw. 4-ply worsted. 55″ diameter. Intermediate skill level.


  1. Cherry

    Hi Susan, thank you for sending the reply email after I bought the JUST RIGHT SAGE pattern. I think it is very beautiful. I think it is a great service to send us an email saying if we have any trouble with the pattern that you are happy to help. It looks great in that green too. I am looking forward to making it. Many people have trouble with some patterns so I think it is great that you are willing to take the time to give a back up service. You are very clever with your design. I am a very good crocheter and make up patterns at times, but could not have come up with this one!

  2. Patricia

    This is an beautiful Pattern.


    Hi Susan,
    You have some of the most beautiful – most AWESOME patterns that I’ve ever seen! When I show the finished products to people, they compliment me. LOL, I tell them, YOU deserve the credit because you made the pattern! Over the years, I’ve seen nice patterns for knitters but there weren’t many nice patterns for us crocheters. Well, you’ve skipped past “nice” and gone to straight to GORGEOUS, easy to understand patterns!!!
    The “easy to understand” part is important to me. I’m a self taught crocheter and surprised myself when I was able to make THE SILVER MEDALLION. That was the first S. D. KERIN pattern that I finished:)
    Thank you, for making such beautiful items available to crocheters! You have ROCKED my crocheting world!!! I can hardly wait to see your next pattern:)


  4. Diane Fryer

    Hi Susan, I am still stunned by this incredible hexagonal panelled afghan several hours since I first saw it an bought the pattern straight away!

    You have an incredible talent for creating completely original and novel designs that are really appealing. I adore texture, and this has lots of it in little islands….little islands to draw little (or large!) fingers to fidget with, in a sea of tranquility.

    You have created a beautiful balance, both in art and creatvity, and for the mind.

    I may noy manage tomake this in full size, but I will endeeavour to make at leeast enough hexagons to make a blanket to cover my legs whilst attending hospital appointments, so i can take along my very own little bit of fidgetty things in a sea of tranquility! Thank you for creating this one!.


    Hi Susan,

    I agree w/ Diane Fryer:) You create the most awesome patterns and I love making them for myself! Thank you, for sharing your wonderful talent/gift with all of us! You have taken the art of crocheting to the next level!!! Also, thanks for being there, as close as a phone call, to help us when we get “stuck” and need a little help:)

    I can hardly wait until you come out with another gorgeous, difficult pattern:)


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