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  1. I found this website when I was searching for a specific vintage crochet edging book. I was very excited to see the extensive selection of patterns available as PDF downloads. When I placed my order (total of 13 books), there was an issue when it tried to connect to pay-pal. I sent an email to Susan (like the website requested), thinking I would probably never hear anything back (and even worse, would not be able to order the books I wanted). Within minutes Susan called me (that’s right, she CALLED me) to resolve the issue. And in just a few hours I received my entire order plus an additional free book as a ‘thank you’ for notifying her of the problem. It is rare to find this kind of personal customer service, especially on the internet. Susan was a joy to work with. I will make sure everyone in my needlework group knows about this website and the wonderful service I received. Thank you Susan!

  2. Just had a great response from Susan regarding a pattern I purchased last year and lost when I had computer problems. I purchased the Five in One Knitted Afghans and stored it on my desktop because I didn’t have enough ink to print it out. When I developed a problem with my computer and had to re-install Windows, I realized I lost the pattern I paid for but 9 months later! I contacted Susan via private message on Facebook and explained my situation and gave her my order # and date of purchase and she e-mailed me with a way to download the pattern again. This time I printed it out completely. Susan has such a wonderful bunch of patterns on her site. They are not designs you see everywhere-they’re different from most and she shows them off with such beautiful photographs. I made a good choice in the pattern I purchased since I got 5 patterns in one. Most designers, such as ones on Ravelry, would charge individually for each pattern. I’m always amazed at her designs and don’t mind paying for great work.

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