Leaf Swirl Crochet


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Circular afghan worked as a six-panel swirl in two tones of green and added flowers in pastel color. Three panels are leaves with veins and three panels are short stemmed pink flowers popping between established leaves. Edge finished with top stitching and bursts of baubles. 4-ply worsted. 54”dia. Intermediate to advanced skill level.


  1. Helen Scott

    This is just gorgeous!

  2. Michelle Smith

    I have seen this in person and it is absolutely gorgeous. Susan’s attention to detail is awesome!!

  3. Doris

    All your work/patterns are soooo beautiful, it is difficult to choose a favorite!

    This still comes up as Number One for me; I love love love this afghan. You should see it in person!!!!! I have the ‘original’ completed work directly from her!!! WOW! And I also own several others of these masterpieces!

  4. Nann

    I was impressed with the writing of the instructions as well as the multiple how-tos with photos throughout the steps. This is a gorgeous pattern. I am looking forward to crocheting it.

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