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Heirloom and Fine Garment Repair
in Knitting and Crochet,  and other Needlework Genres
Services offered include refurbishing of textile heirlooms, matching patterns
for seamless repair of crochet pattern holes in linens, tablecloths, doilies,
other textiles handwork.
See more information about the process below these completed project photos.

heirloom graphics2heirloom graphic1

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TO RECEIVE A QUOTE FOR REPAIR/RESTORATION.  Send me photos, as many as necessary, remembering that “a picture is worth a thousand words”  … take close ups of the holes and other areas needing work, and ALSO take photos of the entire piece laid relatively flat.  Email me the photos along with your full name, city, state where the project is coming from, and your telephone number(s), to my email address:   I will call within 24 hrs.

TIMING:  I always say give me six to eight weeks but I usually get it done relatively quickly because I don’t like to have projects hanging and always am anxious to take on and complete a challenge.

THE PROCESS:  I match the thread gauge and color as closely as possible, as well as match the needle gauge and the pattern itself to restore to original.   It is work for an expert that knows what they are doing, not to mention it is tedious and labor intensive.  Holes in fabric get MUCH LARGER before they get smaller … a good analogy would be like taking the car to the body shop for a little ding and the diagnosis is that a whole quarter panel must be removed and redone to take care of one little dent and then the car will become “whole” again (forgive the PUN!)
PROFESSIONALLY SPEAKING:   I’ve been doing this for many years and have an excellent reputation as an heirloom and fine garment repair/restoration artist.  I care very much and have a certain level of intensity in these fine arts to preserve these kinds of legacies.
INSPECTION WORK:   For inspection of the whole piece and reinforcing any threads suspect to imminent breaking,  this part of the work requires an additional charge.

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