Repair, Refurbish & Restoration Services in Knit and Crochet … heirlooms & other fine garments

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Repair Services in Knit and Crochet                                   
     Continue to scroll this post to carefully follow the instructions to receive your quote and facilitate a thorough and stimulating chat about your project.  And, thanks in advance 🙂  Please enjoy this post (be sure to scroll down through the entire post for additional story content).
Do Mother’s and Grandmother’s cherished legacies or other special pieces need TLC restoration, refurbishment or maybe a simple repair?
     I am Susan Kerin, a nationally awarded knit and crochet designer.  Additionally, over the last twenty years I have applied my expertise to heirloom and fine garment repair, the process which includes but is not limited to:  Pattern dissection, replication and insertion for seamless repair in knit and crochet fabric, clothing, linens, heirlooms, fine garments, and other needlework genres and textiles.   Fine thread crochet lace repair is often a focus (thread bedspreads and tablecloths).  For many years projects from across the U.S. have landed on my studio table, where I apply my detailed study of patterns.  I am always stimulated to hear the history of pieces from those that are fortunate to own them, who thoughtfully make inquiries to have significant needlework survive.

repair photo

Val Jennings montage of repair project

repair photo

Getting the proper perspectives of the whole shabang:

(1) Take photos of the entire piece laid flat.
(2) Take photos of the general problem areas, and then
(3) T
ake closer up photos of the holes within those areas
(4) Email the photos along with your full name, city, state, telephone number (don’t forget the time zone), along with a brief history of the item … to my email address above.  I typically call within 24 hrs
Send as many photos as necessary, remembering that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”
Please be sure to follow the directions to allow for a thorough chat about your piece.  And, thanks in advance 🙂

TIMING:  I always say give me six to eight weeks but I usually get it done relatively quickly because I don’t like to have projects hanging and always am anxious to take on and complete a challenge.  Projects are worked in the order in which packages are received.
THE PROCESS:  I match the thread gauge and color as closely as possible, as well as match the needle gauge and the pattern itself to restore to original.   It is work for an expert who knows what they are doing, not to mention it is tedious and labor-intensive.  Holes in fabric get MUCH LARGER before they get smaller … a good analogy would be like taking the car to the body shop for a little ding and the diagnosis is that a whole quarter panel must be removed and redone to take care of one little dent and then the car will become “whole” again (forgive the PUN!)
 PROFESSIONALLY SPEAKING:   I’ve been doing this for many years and have an excellent reputation as an heirloom and fine garment repair/restoration artist.  I care very much and maintain a certain level of intensity in these fine arts.Lace Repair

“My Dog Ate My Doily”

The Inquiry
So my husband was given this doily from his mother and
I believe his great grandmother or grandmother made it.
Not completely sure.  I just know it’s old and I don’t even know if the person who made it is alive.
They have a ridiculously large family and it’s hard to keep everyone straight.
Our dog, who he will likely kill when he finds out, decided to chew on it and I’m assuming
ate part of it. It looks pretty hopeless but I figured I’d give it a shot in asking if there’s
any way it can be repaired and how much roughly it would cost. Thanks!
Annie G

     I had to chuckle as I read her words because I immediately thought of that old expression,
“My dog ate my homework.”

     I called Annie and we had a chat about her doily dilemma and her need for lace repair services. This is life and these things happen. With many years of knitting repair and lace repair projects under my belt, I’ve heard many stories like this when one is faced with a damaged family heirloom needing repair to replicate and restore the pattern to make it whole again.

     The good thing is that we realize the legacy value of these fine arts when we are fortunate to have one handed down to us from loved ones owing such skill.  Once a lace repair is complete, we often rethink how the item should be used for the future.  The cost of lace repair can be minor or major, depending upon the size of the job. Sometimes an heirloom piece, like the pineapple doily in this case, is professionally framed and hung afterwards, especially when it may be the only item made by grandma that you own. It stays perfect after the lace repair and is displayed prominently for family to appreciate.

     Other’s put completed lace repair projects such as doilies under glass. That is, a table gets a sheet of glass over it with the lace repair displayed under it for viewing, without danger of drink spills, soiling from daily wear, and of course the “DOG”.  This could also be done with a repaired tablecloth of manageable size in which it is under the tabletop glass and the remainder of it hangs.  Often when a lace bedspread is restored it is used as the attractive bedspread but removed at bed time.  Or, it may be aesthetically pleasing displayed as a runner across the end of the bed, or hanging from a blanket rack.

Now, getting back to the “DOG”…  Later in a follow up email Annie noted:

“I was so afraid to tell my husband what had happened and thought he would be devastated and upset.  It turns out I was more upset than he was!   Thanks for your lace repair advice today!
And P.S. The dog lives to chew another day.

     During our chat, I had suggested the episode might become a handed down, memorialized, family story – if she did not want to have the lace repaired she could still frame it with the story and photo of the dog included in the frame.


crochet repair website photo

crochet repair website photo





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