Five Afghans in One in Knit


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One pattern worked five different ways. Textures in the Cream Diamonds Hexed come together deceivingly with a special stitch process to create three-dimensional blocks. Lavender Hex knitting results in three-dimensional blocks from a different and reverse angle than the Cream Hex. Baby Hex features the basic pattern and features a lovely, billowy, thick ruffle. Multi-Hex is yet another version knitting fewer rounds for each motif. Knit on circular needles as well as two-needles for fractional portions. Borders are knit-on; with a crochet edge (exclusive edge pattern) option on Lavender Hex for crocheters. There is also an eight-inch motif suitable for stash busting. 4-ply worsted. Lavender Hex 68″, Cream Diamonds Hex 66″, Multi-Hexed 52″, Baby Hex in DK wt yarn 42″. Intermediate to advanced skill level.


  1. Sheryl

    Susan, I just wanted you to know, I was looking for an afghan pattern for my nephew and future niece, he wants a manly pattern and she wants a pretty pattern, and I came upon your website. I just love your afghans!!! I think they are just so beautiful! These are really something worth giving and being proud of. I just can’t get over your work, I would be so proud to make something like these! I would love to do them all, and maybe I will!!

  2. Lynchem

    Susan…your Baby Hex afghan is just beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that I like more! And to get five patterns in one…a tremendous value. You have such an incredible gift for designing!

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