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Garter Stitch Seams Invisible Join
WOW Tips Here!  ‘Phototorial’ How-Tos

Garter edge seams do not need to be perceived as a daunting challenge.   The goal in working this technique is to invisibly join stitch rows of two-row ‘garter ridges’, overlapping them to create a seamless  ‘duplicate stitch garter bump ridge’ while maintaining the integrity of the garter ridge pattern.
Use Lifeline Stitch Guides
and Use the Second Stitch in Each Row on One of the Pieces to be Joined.

To begin, wk 2 swatches:  co 20 sts (co row is Row 1); k 20 ridges, bind of on rs.
Inv Join Garter1a   Inv Join Garter1b   Inv Join Garter2a
1.                                                2.                                                 3.
Photo numbers correspond with steps.

1.  Wk Lifeline:  Thread needle w/contrasting color yarn.  Beg w/bottom corner of piece on the right , Insert needle under a lp of the cast on (or bo) st at corner.

It is important to remember that two rows create a garter ridge, so one picked up st during seaming represents joining two rows/one ridge; it is picked up in the top row of a ridge in one piece and picked up in the bottom row of a ridge on the other piece.  They then merge during seaming.

Note:  be sure not to catch any yarn plies with the yarn needle while working with the pieces.

Fabric on right, for each ridge up to the top, identify which st of  ea two-row ridge on this piece should be picked up (as discussed above).  In photo 1b the right side lifeline is in each top row st of the ridge and the left side lifeline is in each bottom st row of the ridge.

For the fabric on the left, insert lifeline beg under a lp of the cast on st at corner.  Skipping the first st each time (photo 1b), insert needle under one st of ea ridge (the opposite top/bottom st as picked up w/other lifeline).

2.  Fabric on the right, shows top row st of a ridge picked up.  Fabric on the left, shows the bottom row st of a ridge picked up, skipping ea first st.

3.  W/contrasting second color yarn, *beginning on left piece, insert needle under first st in lifeline, then under first st in lifeline in piece on right, repeat*.   After ea repeat, tension the seaming thread as a straight line.

Inv Join Garter3a    Inv Join Garter4a   Inv Join Garter5a
4.                                                   5.                                                  6.
4.  Shown above a couple more sts worked. 
5.  Gently draw up seaming yarn so that it forms a straight line, merging the sts from ea  side.
6.  Cont to wk a few more sts.

Inv Join Garter9aInv Join Garter7aInv Join Garter8a     
7.                                                8.                                                9.
7.  After several sts are worked, snip used lifeline, being careful not to cut fabric sts or seaming  yarn.
8. Cont to make a straight line of the seaming yarn as sts cont to be worked.

9. Notice the contrasting color used for seaming is barely visible.  Cut seaming yarn, change to yarn same color as pieces and continue the process.

Inv Join Garter10a   Inv Join Garter11a   Inv Join Garter12a

10.                                                 11.                                             12.
10.  Cont process w/matching yarn, pulling seaming yarn straignt and snipping
lifeline over completed stitches.
11-12.  Wk to last st ea side.  Photos  show needle positions for invisible joining at top of pieces.

Inv Join Garter13a   Inv Join Garter14a

13.                                                14.

13.  Completed invisible join at top edge.
14.  The first, bottom part completed in contrasting color seam.  Second, the top part seamed with same color as pieces.

Inv Join Garter15a

Completed.  Photo before  steaming or blocking.  Can you see the seam?

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