Five Afghans in One in Knit


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One pattern worked five different ways. Textures in the Cream Diamonds Hexed come together deceivingly with a special stitch process to create three-dimensional blocks. Lavender Hex knitting results in three-dimensional blocks from a different and reverse angle than the Cream Hex. Baby Hex features the basic pattern and features a lovely, billowy, thick ruffle. Multi-Hex is yet another version knitting fewer rounds for each motif. Knit on circular needles as well as two-needles for fractional portions. Borders are knit-on; with a crochet edge (exclusive edge pattern) option on Lavender Hex for crocheters. There is also an eight-inch motif suitable for stash busting. 4-ply worsted. Lavender Hex 68″, Cream Diamonds Hex 66″, Multi-Hexed 52″, Baby Hex in DK wt yarn 42″. Intermediate to advanced skill level.


  1. Joanne Kundra

    Purchased this pattern in September of 2013. Stored it on my computer but failed to print it. Long story made short, I lost it when my computer crashed but I contacted Susan and she made it possible for me to re-download the pattern. I am amazed at the designs on her site and the fact that I got 5 designs in one. It’s wonderful the way she photographs the designs so you see exactly what you can make yourself. Great detailed instructions and photos in her patterns. Can’t wait to get started but can’t decide which one to make first.

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