‘The Garter Papers – Garter St Tutorials’ by Susan D. Kerin



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Garter Stitch Tutorials
17 page PDF with lots of clear how-to photos.
Tutorial Includes:
Identify Shaping Fixes and Options,
Picking Up Sts on Garter Edges.
Picking up additional sts evenly – the perfect formula.
To pick up or not pick up before or after a garter bump
Knit-On Border Bands
Top-ch sts on knit-on border bands
Top-ch sts – end-of-rnd invisible join
Top-ch st from inside edge
Top-ch st from outside edge
…and lots more[clear]
Excerpt from Page 1:
When the ST st and the Garter st are worked on the same needle size, same number of sts, and same number of rows, the completed pieces will …

When a garter band, edge, or garter sequence is relatively significant in a project, the math will need to be completed if the work is to remain square (unless a piece that is not square is part of the design).   Generally, if garter is to be mixed with a lot of ST st work, the possible need to accommodate multiple garter st rows  must be considered in relationship to …

Like gauge, this aspect of knitting preparation should be addressed before beginning a project to hopefully eliminate …



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