I-Cord How-tos Exposed



I-cords are often worked and used as ties and fasteners and become attractive embellishments. Hence, design elements. Uses and applications are only limited by imagination. Just two stitches are attractive and textural. They work up easily and quickly. Work to different lengths, in different yarn weights, to configure flowers, bag straps, applique, attached edgings for throws or garments, weaving into eyelets, hat tassels, tassels combined with pom poms,and the list goes on. Below, with how-to photo help, are two crocheted I-cord patterns. The first is the popular reversible pattern; it is attractive and sturdy. The second I-cord pattern is also worthy of consideration, ‘Susan’s Symmmetrical I-Cord’. This pattern results in a somewhat softer cord for those applications where the first I-Cord is not quite pliable enough.
[clear][clear]l to r: Susan’s Symmetrical i-cord, Reversible i-cord

Reversible I-Cord
1) ch2, sc in 1st ch.
2) turn (clockwise)
3) wk sc in single thread (photo 3a. and 3b. below)
4) * turn (clockwise)
5) wk sc in the 2 side by side threads (5a. and 5b.)
6) rep from * to desired length
[clear]       [clear]3a.                                          3b.
        [clear]5a. hk inserted in 2 threads      5b. completed sc

Susan’s Symmetrical I-Cord
Ch2, pull up lp in 2nd ch,
yo, pull thru 1,
yo, pull thru 2;
*insert hk in ctr sp (see center pin below) and
pull up a lp,
yo, pull thru 1,
yo, pull thru 2,
rep * to desired length; fasten off.



i-cord tassel option on a reversible hat

i-cord stem appliqued (Skerin ‘Pinwheel Flower Burst’ in Knit)

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