How to Keep Track of Multiple Knitting Patterns with Different Row Totals for Pattern Repeats



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How do I keep track of ALL my rows when the piece I am working on contains several different patterns and each pattern is comprised of a different number of rows for the pattern repeat, and may also begin and end on different rows than the other pattern(s)?

Here is a very easy way to ‘gestalt’ this phenomenon (that is ‘see the big picture’). The afghan photo shown contains the patterns used for this how-to. The sample worksheet below left shows working two patterns at same time along with a far left column for grand total number of rows worked in the entire piece. Add this column option when needed. For additional Patterns, follow written directions and add as established. I have used this kind of worksheet ‘forever’ and it has always worked great.

Note: The pdf download contains blank graph paper for printing.

thumnbnail A.Free Stuff How Tos.Worksheet for multiple patternsthumbnail B.multiple patt worksheet

My Personal Worksheet (above right) Notes:

1) two established pattern sets worked same time (Patt Rows 2-9 and Patt Rows 5-12)

2) ‘c7’ reminder for Patt 2- 9

3) Green numbered circles reflect Rows 2-9 set completions for directions which indicate ‘wk until 50”, ending w/completion Row 9’.

4) In order to not add another sheet of graph paper (see blue writing), a diagonal line is added to reuse tick marks and maintain count. On this worksheet, if I walked away from my work for a while and came back I could easily find where I am … see ‘I am here’ in red.

5) I can easily calculate the total number of pattern sets completed … see #22 green circle; #23 completion is at the red underscored ‘9’ near the #2 green circle, etc., so I have completed 30 patt repeats up to ‘I am here’.

6) Rows 5-9 patt set will end ‘wherever it ends’ at 9th row of Rows 2-9 patt set, as stated in directions (#3 above).

7) I did not find it necessary so did not include the ‘total rows’ column as in the worksheet example on the previous page.

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