To Rip or Not to Rip. That is the Question. Done

“FROGGING” in THREE EASY STEPS … the scenario I talk about with knitting and crochet students… EASY DECISION TO RIP OUT MISTAKES OR WORK THAT YOU DO NOT LIKE – Most important, do not waste valuable time that you could spend knitting or crocheting by hemming and hawing over whether to rip out something you … Read more

Quintessential Images and Realities Visited: Cats & Yarn and Needles & Yarn

No On Kittens And Needles And Yarn

A  knitting friend recently needed to take her sick cat to the vet. The diagnosis: YARN the cat had swallowed caused the cat multiple health problems.             What do we often see in yarn advertisements but the quintessential photo of the oh-so-cute kitten and ball of yarn; this does not address reality.  Cats and … Read more