How-tos: Seamless Beginning Rnd and Ending Rnd



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1)  pull up a lp                           2)  ch1                        3)  sc in next st, finish rnd to last st

#1 and #2 above create an incomplete sc st; it is missing its top but will be completed at the end of the round with an invisible join.
#3 shows the flat pulled up ch lp on the right and on its left is the first completed sc.
#4 below shows the last sc completed and the next st is the flat ch lp from #3 above.

4      5     6

B.  END OF RND:  When the last st of the rnd is worked (the next st will then be the pulled up flat ch lp), cut yarn leaving a 6″ tail. Pull thru lp on hk maintaining st gauge (#4).

Thread yarn needle; insert needle thru/under both lps of 1st sc st of rnd, then insert needle into ctr of last st of rnd thru to the wrong side and under the additional horizontal st; do not twist st (5&6). Then:
With right side facing, size the top of the st to match beg and end sts and also size the beg pulled up lp (tail shown in #6 foreground).

From wrong side, w/beg and ending tail, tie square knot without disturbing the gauge of the top ch just completed; weave in ends.

completed round.