Scrabble Afghan Pattern in Crochet – “SCRABBLE RULES!!!” Pattern in Two Sizes



225 blocks make a Scrabble Board!

Worsted weight afghan can be used as bedspread. Five strategically designed blocks seamed together and then top stitched, and alphabet beads sewn at each square intersection.

Bed photo is of a queen size, the afghan almost meeting the dust ruffle. 

This is a fun piecework project while making the squares as ‘take-along’ things to do on trips, etc. and then collecting all of the squares to see your “masterpiece” scrabble board come alive!

4-ply worsted or sport yarn. 87×87” in worsted wt; 65×65” in sport wt. Intermediate skill


  1. Renate Thorssell

    LOVE this afghan! As a dedicated Scrabble fan, it is a very cleverly designed pattern, clearly authentic, and just plain fun.


    Hi Susan,
    You have some of the most beautiful – most AWESOME patterns that I’ve ever seen! When I show the finished products to people, they compliment me. LOL, I tell them, YOU deserve the credit because you made the pattern! Over the years, I’ve seen nice patterns for knitters but there weren’t many nice patterns for us crocheters. Well, you’ve skipped past “nice” and gone to straight to GORGEOUS, easy to understand patterns!!!
    The “easy to understand” part is important to me. I’m a self taught crocheter and surprised myself when I was able to make THE SILVER MEDALLION. That was the first S. D. KERIN pattern that I finished:)
    Thank you, for making such beautiful items available to crocheters! You have ROCKED my crocheting world!!! I can hardly wait to see your next pattern:)


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