I-Cords Exposed – Again … Crochet Stockinette St. & NEW Rectangular Knit I-Cord



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I-Cords Exposed Again …

A Stockinette St I-cord Can be Achieved With Three Different Methods

The knitted i-cord has always been a dependable, go-to stand-by when quick ties, chin straps, or embellishment are needed. For crocheters that do not knit – the Stockinette St  i-cord CAN be accomplished with crochet.

The knitted version i-cord makes a 4-st stockinette st cord. (Directions: on a dp needle co 4 sts, knit them, don’t turn, *slide the 4 sts to the other end of the needle, k4, rep * to desired length).

The same knitted i-cord can also be made on the hand-held ‘knit spool’ (still available today) with the four pegs. Some of us may remember making these out of old cotton sewing thread wooden spools with nails used for pegs.

The crocheted version is the third method, whereby a knit st process is achieved with the crochet hook. The directions below make a 3-st stockinette st i-cord (not the typical 4). If you want a 4-st result, you could begin with a ch4 instead of a ch3, following the same directions but with 4 sts.

(Work shown completed with 4-ply worsted yarn and size 10 needles and hook)

DIRECTIONS for Crochet Stockinette Three-Stitch I-Cord

Ch3; pull up a lp in ea of the first and second chains (3 lps on hk); and, maintaining consistent tension throughout (remember, tension doesn’t mean ‘tight’)

Step 1:  *Remove crochet hk from those 2 lps but hang onto them (with your left hand fingers so that they keep their size (1 lp on hk now). Continuously work three sts. Sts:

Step 2: yo, pull up lp in lp on hk (each time you complete this first step, it brings the first and last st tog to form a round cord; be sure to hang onto the base of the st as you insert the hk so that it does not lose its size).  Now, without twisting the sts,

Step 3: Yo, pull up a lp in the dropped lp closest to the hk

Step 4: Yo, pull up a lp in the remaining lp (3 lps on hk)

Rep from Step 1* to desired length.

Like any new stitch technique, this may take a little practice.

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[clear]Skerin Rectangular Knitted I-Cord

The same four stitches of the stand patt i-cord, but worked to create a rectangle instead of a circle.

To work: co 4 sts,* work k1, p1, k1, p1, do not turn, slide to other end, rep * to desired length. How cool is this!

I think of this as a knitted version of the crocheted reversible i-cord, for those knitters who do not crochet (see previous ‘I-Cord Exposed’ post).


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