How-Tos: Knit-On Garter Border by Susan D. Kerin




Note:  do not wrap short rows; follow directions as given.

Co 17 sts,

k 1 row.

Next k17, w/rs facing, thru both lps, p/u a st from bound off row: 18 sts (first and second photos).

K next row.

Row 1:  k15, turn.

Row 2:  k 15.  Row 3:  k 16, k2 tog, p/u a st in the next bound off st. (third photo)

Row 4:  k 18.

Rep Rows 1-4.


This how-to is an excerpt from the newly published ‘The Garter Papers – Smarter Garter Tutorials’ – 20 illustrated pages of tutorials involving the garter stitch,  (see ‘Books and Publications’ tab on home page). Concave Swatches, Fix Options for Concave, Swatches, p/u sts on garter edge and calculations, top-ch sts on border bands, knit-on garter border, invisible joins – several for garter…  Download this excerpt below, or purchase the 20-page ‘The Garter Papers – Smarter Garter Tutorials’,


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