Antique Hem Roller Thimble Patent number 107, 420 in 1870 by George Spencer of Cleveland OH, 3/4″ tall, 3’4″ diameter. Shown in Zalkin’s Handbook of Thimbles and Sewing Items on page 107, 15-1. — AND antique shoe pincushion — and Antique miniature tin with Christmas Scene AND miniature Singer sewing machine … All for $220 money order only, item mailed upon receipt


Rare, very old patented thimble.   This helpful device was used on the left hand while hemming, to roll the fabric as the stitching advanced.  It was Patent 107, 420, issued to George Spencer of Cleveland, Ohio in 1870.

Patent information is clearly stamped on the thimble:  “Pat. 1870”

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