Best Darn Needles and Notion Tubes

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Best Darn Needle and Hook Tubes
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Best Darn Needles and Notions Tubes – order below

  • Telescopic length extension 8 ¼” to 14 ¼”  for up to 14″ needles
    and hooks of all kinds
  • Ratchet mechanism locks at extended positions
  • Rigid, durable, humidity and oil-resistant
  • Speedy, efficient packing of needles and hooks
  • Use again and again
  • Square shape excellent for stacking and  storing
  • Clear, see through
  • great fit into knitting bags

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1 thought on “Best Darn Needles and Notion Tubes”

  1. I recently purchased the needle and hook tubes and they are awesome!! They are very sturdy and perfect for organizing my double pointed needles and crochet hooks. Plus, they do extend easily as described for longer needles sets. I will also use them to carry knitting needles in my tote to classes so they don’t slip out like needles seem to want to do nor will they get bent. These tubes are also so great because they are transparent. I have M-A-N-Y needles and being able to spot what I want at a glance is such a time and stress saver. An added bonus is that they lay and stack so nicely since they are a gentle square shape and I didn’t expect that feature! These tubes are just terrific and I will be back for more! Thank you, Susan, for this great product and for the fast shipping.

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