GET A FREE YARN TENDER & ALSO WIN A PRIZE … You Can Be Selected @ Next 500 Likes on Skerin Knitting and Crochet FB Page

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WE WANT TO CELEBRATE … and You Could Win A Prize!

We here at Skerin Knitting and Crochet (me and my five clones do all of the work ourselves; that is a photo of us in front of our 4,000 research library dedicated to the ‘fine art of knitting and crochet’) Much has been accomplished on the site.  There is more to do and I cherish continued support to keep the site alive.  To mark each additional 500 ‘likes’ a drawing will be made for a WINNER to be announced, who will receive the special PRIZE.  Your continued support is appreciated and so important to me. Did you know that if you search ‘knitting and crochet patterns’ or similar words, that you will get approximately 1.3 million results on your screen?  YIKES!  Well, I’m ‘somewhere’ in there.  So, if you do enjoy perusing this site, every little bit helps with your participation, including making comments on the various pages, sharing with your needlework friends … well, I think you get my drift…To ‘Like’, go to “Skerin Knitting and Crochet” on Facebook and click on the hand next  to the total likes under the home page top photo, as shown in the photo below  the balloons.   Note:  this also will get you a free yarn tender sample in the mail, if you send me your mailing address (see  yarn tender page – click the yarn tender blue tab above.)  If you already ‘liked’ before this, just let me know; email me at and I’ll get it right to you. 

 To contact me click here:

The FREE STUFF ‘ pdf downloads’ are also recently new and I hope you will let me know if you should ever have any problems downloading.

Thank you for your continued support  …. GOT ALL MY CLONES WORKING OVERTIME …
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