Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Classes

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a stimulating learning environment with voluminous displays and samples; access to a 4,000 book library of knitting and crochet books for browsing enjoyment  …

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Classes including:

  • Solid Fundamentals and lots of reinforcement
  • Graduated programs of study
  • The RIDE” :  Read, Interpret, Dissect and Execute written patterns using the PCM  learning tool developed by the instructor
  • Understanding Challenging Patterns
  • Specialty Techniques
  • Assembly and Finishing Techniques
  • Variations on a Cable Theme
  • Tips and Techniques Lecture and Discussion
  • How to Choose a Pattern
  • Double-ended knitting
  • Double-ended crochet (Crochetknit)
  • Classes topics and sessions added on demand
  • Custom Group Lessons
  • English or Continental Knitting for right- or left-handers.
  • East Coast Retreats – Ocean City, Maryland on the Atlantic Ocean Get-A-Way lessons (groups or individual)
  • General Public Lectures & Interactive Discussions with Displays and Samples on the fine art of knitting and crochet
  • call 410-641-8290
  • email