Best Darn Yarn Tenders ®™ 36 Pack – 14” length. Size SM Fits up to 4-5 oz. Size LG fits up to 7 oz. (gang 2 Size LG for 16 oz pounders). Get a FREE Best Darn Needles & Hooks Tube ($4.50 value) when you order 2 BDYT sets… No Fancy Pkg=Lower Price; ships 24hr. YOU ASKED FOR IT: now choose your own colors and sizes! (see colors in thumbnails at left). Price includes s/h.




  • You asked for it!  Now choose your own colors and sizes! Size small (SM) for up to 4-5 oz skeins. Size large (LG) for up to 7 oz (gang 2 size LG for 16 oz. pounders); 14 inches long.
    Soft on hands, no yarn snags.
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  • Keeps yarn from tangling first pull to last; just-right compression of contents throughout use as skein size decreases.
    Insert all sizes & shapes of center-pull skeins, balls, cones.
  • Integrity: Regardless of the percentage of stretch at first use, the tenders continue to maintain the integrity of the yarn.
    Tenders are sort of like panty hose: after you wear them they don’t necessarily go back to the “skinny” string they were right out-of-the-package; but they STILL get the job done!
  • FREE (Limited time only – $4.50 value) a Best Darn Needles & Hooks Tube included in your order when you purchase 2 sets of BDYT (photo below)
    No fancy packaging=lower price.  Ships in 24 hrs.
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free tube with BDYT double purchase



  • To see all of the 5-star product review ratings on Amazon (photo above), copy and paste this url and click at the five stars under the product name:
  • For 60 5-star feedback comments on Amazon, copy and paste:
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A “Tender” is able to keep a newly opened skein of yarn intact as you knit or crochet from the first pull to the last.  The first thing I do when I open a skein of yarn is put it in a “Tender”.  I have often been knitting and in the middle of pulling up more yarn from my knitting bag on the floor, I realized that there was no yarn left in the “tender” when my hand comes up empty … because it was that GOOD in keeping the yarn from tangling up to the very end of the skein.

The key to keeping the yarn in good physical shape and prevent tangles during the entire knitting process is:  The moment you grab new yarn to use, PUT IT IN THE TENDER  while it is still in its best condition (not depleted).  AND, before inserting the yarn, remember to find the last wrap end of the yarn and be sure it is wrapped around the outside of the skein, away from the both skein ends.

The photo above shows various configurations for the Tenders, depending upon skein conditions. Photo #5 is a skein after finding the end and then beginning the ball winding, photos #3 & #4 are skeins with the wound balls inserted in the tender with the remainder of the intact skein – how-tos explained below.

NEW SKEIN ISSUES:  The “Tender” is also invaluable when you have opened a new skein of yarn but the center pull end is nowhere in sight  (or there is an initial manufacturing tangled clump beginning at the live end)  … you can: pull the clump from the middle (using your fingers as pincers), then find the beginning within it, then insert the skein as well as the pulled clump into the “Tender”.  If there is not enough length to the tender to  do this, simply ‘gang’ on another tender to the existing tender and begin knitting.

insert your pincer fingers and pull out as small a clump as possible just where you feel the yarn is stuck.  Try to keep the clump intact, gently remove the tangle.  Then you can either insert it back into the tender or ‘gang’ another tender for it.

beginning with live yarn closest to your needle, wind a center pull ball until you have wound all of the newly untangled yarn and you are left with what is then coming from the original skein.  Now put this center pull ball ahead of the skein in the tender or gang another tender if needed and resume knitting.

The tender holds SKEINS or BALLS … and up to (16 oz) pounder skeins.  Picture #1 is an 8 oz skein, #2 is a 16 oz skein.   They are soft and pliable.   If you need more length on the “Tender”, just gang two; that is, use two tenders that meet and overlap in the middle.

As far as the smallest ball that can be inserted, they work great on even the smallest of amounts of yarn.  They continue to compress down meet the diameter, all the way down to even an inch; see photo of yellow tender.  It is a gentle but firm compression that can go from the smallest just mentioned up to the pounder seen in the photo.

These truly work GREAT.  They are reusable and last a long time.  Note, they do need to be treated with some gentleness, as a needle poke, etc. may cause a hole or tear.  Also, if you have a small/shorter skein or ball and don’t like the extra tender ‘hanging over’, you only need fold over the tender, doubling it, which helps with good compression on the yarn as it is being used.  It is NOT recommended to cut a yarn tender in half; this will weaken it overall. The generous length is made for a full skein or to double inside itself for more compression when needed for a SMALL ball of yarn and it won’t become tangled at all thru to the last pull (see the pictorial how-to photo above of the yellow yarn tender).

BEST DARN YARN TENDERS – Now longer length & more colors! Great As Gifts!   

Contact for s/h quotes outside U.S.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 9 x 1 in


  1. Katherine Betancourt (verified owner)

    I love these “Best Darn Yarn Tenders”. I’ve just ordered my sixth batch and will keep ordering them as long as my stash grows. I have a yarn winder and it fits perfectly over the wound skein. It not only keeps the yarn from tangling, I’ve begun putting the original label in with the skein so I know the brand, color, and lot number if I want to buy more of the same. I can’t recommend this enough. It’s the best way to keep your yarn neat and keep it from rolling across the floor. The softness of them is excellent and feels very good on the hands (unlike other options out there claiming all of the same qualities). The personal customer service is tremendous.

  2. pam stebbins

    I love these yarn tenders! Just received in the mail today and wow what fast delivery. I will be ordering more!!!!! P.s. love your web site also. You’ve got a new customer for life.

  3. Mary Page Ferguson

    OK – I’ll be honest – I was skeptical of the Best Darn Yarn Tender. OH MY GOODNESS WELL I WAS WRONG! Could not imagine it would make such a difference and work beautifully. Slipped a skein in and went to work. It is wonderful! no tangles, no chasing the balls of yarn. Kept the skein neat and compact, even as I got to the end. There is great information on the how-tos of using the tenders on their page of the website. Will definitely be placing an order next payday. planning to share with the ladies in our Crochet and Knit group.

  4. Patty

    After using several different versions of this, I know which ones I really, really like. My choice is “The Best Darn Yarn Tender”. These are very “custom” in fitting any size or shape of my yarn skeins. I need to be able to do something like putting two of them together for longer and/or wider skeins, and do more manipulations with the yarn holders, which these let me do. They have a certain amount of memory whereby they go back to their skinnier shape after use. These are the best I’ve tried. I even called the seller and was overwhelmed with her wealth of knowledge and information about the yarn properties and processes.

  5. L.Nixon (verified owner)

    Received my yarn tenders yesterday.Back online this morning ordering a 20 pack.What a great item,can’t imagine not using them.Finally will be able to keep all my balls ,skeins, colors and full and partial skeins in order. Looking forward to using a skein from beginning to end without any issues. Thanks again for your previous attention to detail on my needs, a wonderful product and quick service.

  6. S. Horton

    Thank you for the yarn tender, I really like that I can put a hefty skein in, and it still covers both ends. I like the material too, it does not feel rough like the store bought ones, and it is easy to get on, and has a nice stretch.

  7. Sally Sands

    These are the BEST!

  8. Pat B.

    Love my yarn tenders, don’t know what I did without them. There are no other purchasing options on other sites that compare at all to these ‘best darn yarn tenders’. This is a one-of-a-kind product available nowhere else. An excellent quantity and value for the price. I am glad I kept searching and found Susan’s website. Love all her ideas throughout the site.

  9. chris b

    These are the best yarn keepers! They are soft and flexible and won’t snag the yarn. They keep both center-pull skeins and wound balls neat and they don’t fall apart when the skein nears the end. That’s when most collapse into a mess, but not with these keepers. They are so much better than what I found at craft stores and my LYS. No stiff edges to catch or split yarn. I used something like these years ago and I’m really happy to have found a source for them again! The service was excellent. My questions were promptly answered and delivery was fast. Highly recommended!

  10. Janet

    I have been using my yarn tenders all the time now. They have become a very needed accessory in my yarn collection. I won’t leave home without one.

  11. Amanda

    I didn’t bother getting the free sample, I went right for the product. First of all, no shipping fee… WOW. THEN it arrived in less than 3 days.

    These are the best product ever. They are so soft and pliable, very easy on the hands, the ends don’t snag the yarn.

    I don’t know why I was crocheting without them! These are great for keeping multiple colors easy to swap around when working on a blanket, less tangling, no yarn falling about. And for on the go projects it is awesome. Just grab the yarn I want and go. No need for a gallon ziplock bag. No balls of yarn all over my purse getting tangled! Yay for the best darn yarn tenders! So recommending these to all my friends!

  12. Janet

    My daughter told me about the free sample of a yarn tender. She said from the moment she got hers, it has been in constant use and, since then, she has placed an order for more! Now I know why she was so thrilled with these. I was having a difficult time getting my yarn to pull out of the skein easily, especially when the skein was almost gone. That is no longer a problem while using the tender. The yarn pulls easily and comfortably and it was so much easier on my hands and arms crocheting with the yarn tender. These work better than any other yarn bras I have tried and to boot they are far, far less in cost. Other hard, stiff examples are around $7 for three and the ends of them hurt your hands. Thank you so much for the free sample. I’m sure I’ll be back with an order soon!

  13. Karin

    These ARE absolutely the BEST Darn Yarn Tenders because they are soft and smooth and don’t snag or catch; and they work beautifully. They are totally unique and I have not found them anywhere else. Much nicer to use than any other kinds of yarn bras sold in craft stores.

  14. Michelle

    Oh, I also forgot to mention how it seems that the yarn tender improved my hand cramping. I love to go on “crochet sprees” and crochet for longer periods of time when I can, and my hand was starting to have cramps and be sore. I didn’t want my hand to stop my “sprees” so I was kind of worried about it. But the yarn “flows” so much easier while in the yarn tender than it does being pulled from an untended skein, my hand seems to be improved and I was able to crochet longer the last time I crocheted. I was very happy about that and hope it continues!!!

  15. Michelle

    Oh my goodness! I LOVE my yarn tender!!! I was so in need of this special item. I was having so much trouble with skeins of yarn falling apart – and creating nightmare knots – while I was crocheting. Now I have the solution! I can crochet with ease without worrying about the mess my yarn is going to get itself into. This is truly a time saver as well as a frustration preventer! I will be sure to have plenty of yarn tenders in the house from now on! Thanks again for the free sample! I’m a true fan!!!

  16. Janet

    Just received my bunch of tenders. I love them. No more knots! I will be so organized. Thank you,

  17. Janet

    I have to say the yarn Tender is absolutely wonderful. I will think of your website when I use it. Thank you

  18. Laurie

    I “liked” your Facebook page, but really wish there was a “Love” button to click! Just beautiful!

    Received my yarn tender and cannot wait to try it! I have a few lingering projects to finish up before I go chasing another one!

  19. Janet Smith

    I have used my yarn tender on my last 2 projects. I am amazed that such a simple item can make such a big difference! My yarn stays where I put it and even the new skeins pull easily from the middle! Thank you so much!!!!!

  20. Audrey

    Can’t wait for mine!

  21. Alice (verified owner)

    LOVE IT!!!! I opened the envelope and immediately put it to work. Hubby wasn’t sure what I was doing but who cares when it keeps the yarn clean and tidy when I am tossing my current project into my bag for ‘on the go knitting’….or if the skein should fall on the floor while I am knitting away in front of the TV. A great new notion that I can’t think why I didn’t have one sooner…….

  22. Pamela

    The shipping for my order of yarn tenders arrived *very* quickly. I put them to work right away and really love the way they keep the yarn in check right down to the end of the ball. One of the things I discovered is that putting two separate balls or cakes in one tender with the yarn coming out in opposite directions is an EXCELLENT way to control two color knitting or sock yarn when you’re doing both socks at the same time. I’d buy them just for that!

    One other thing: when I first got them I thought that the edges being ridged like that would catch the yarn or hinder it in some way, but the plastic used for the mesh is so soft that I have had no problem whatsoever, even with mohair or eyelash. I’m really super happy with these yarn tenders (but doesn’t the name just make you crave chicken?!). 😉

  23. Alice (verified owner)

    I have been looking for the perfect thing to keep those large skeins under control while knitting baby blankets…….I think I have found it!!! Now to wait patiently until it arrives…………

  24. Roberta Haan

    I can’t wait to get mine! Will comment again when the free one arrives and I am able to try it out………

  25. Kathy Fuller

    I absolutely LOVE my yarn tenders and I can’t imagine not having them from this point on. 🙂

  26. Kathy Fuller

    I received my yarn tenders today and have to say I am in love with them. I’ve needed something like this for a long time. The price was fantastic!! I love how snugly the yarn is held inside. It will definitely save much frustration AND keep my yarn a lot cleaner! LOL Thanks so much.

  27. Trish

    I just received my yarn tenders and can’t believe how quickly they arrived!! You have such a great deal on them that I just couldn’t pass them up. I’m afraid I just couldn’t see paying the retail price for a small branded pack of 3-4 of these for some astronomical figure…so I never did. It has to be the Scot in me…

    I have promptly bookmarked your site so I can find it again. I hope you carry these for a very long time.

  28. Ellen

    I cannot tell you how much I love the Best Darn Yarn Tenders. I had NO idea how much such a simple item could transform my knitting! In fact, I cannot knit without them any longer. Rarely does a product do everything it promises. Well…these really do! I just placed another order!

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