Dilemma: “I don’t know what to charge or how to figure out fair pricing when someone asks if I will do a project for them…

dilemma I dont know what to charge

Click here to download Whether it is a quick item, a big project, a repair, or completing an unfinished item for someone who has asked for your help … Generally,  you want to be paid what you believe you are … Continue reading

How to Keep Track of Multiple Knitting Patterns with Different Row Totals for Pattern Repeats

free stuff post.How to keep track of multiple knitting patterns

Click here to download How do I keep track of ALL my rows when the piece I am working on contains several different patterns and each pattern is comprised of a different number of rows for the pattern repeat, and … Continue reading

How Tos: Double Crochet Post Stitches – Creating Vertical Lines on Right Side

home page image for how tos.dc post sts creating vertical lines

Click here to download HOW TOS:  DOUBLE CROCHET POST STITCHES Creating Vertical Lines of DC Posts on RS Worked in rows: First st is a ch3 ea row. Last st of row is a dc worked in the top of … Continue reading

Horizontal Stockinette Stitch Invisible Seam – Photo How-Tos … EASY PEASY !

Invisible Horizontal Joins Enlarged for post.Main Photo for Web Post enlarged

The only thing to say about making it NOT easy to forget HOW TO DO THIS is: EASY PEASY…   Click here to download Note:  white sts are elongated for viewing in above how-tos.  In working seam, tension sts to … Continue reading

How to Create & Work A Knitted Rib Onto A Crocheted Vest or Sweater by Susan D. Kerin

How to Create & Wk a Knitted Rib Onto a Crocheted Vest or Sweater.FEATURE PHOTO FOR HOME PAGE

Click here to download How to Work Knitted Ribbing on a Crocheted Vest or Sweater This is all about 1) Gauge 2) Measuring  & 3) Math. 1)  Complete the front and back crocheted pieces for the vest or sweater. 2)  … Continue reading

How to Count Crochet I-Cord Loops – this goes with previous crochet I-cord tutorial – see listings

How to Count crochet Icord Loops

Click here to download An Addition to the crocheted cord series under …Free Stuff.  A good reference. Looks Like I-Cord to Me ! Be sure to see the other I-Cord posts. $1 or $2 donations to support site expenses and … Continue reading

GET A FREE YARN TENDER & ALSO WIN A PRIZE … You Can Be Selected from the first 1,000 Likes on Skerin Knitting and Crochet FB Page

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WE WANT TO CELEBRATE … and You Could Win A Prize! We here at Skerin Knitting and Crochet (me and my five clones do all of the work ourselves; that is a photo of us in front of our 4,000 … Continue reading

‘The Garter Papers – Garter St Tutorials’ by Susan D. Kerin


Garter Stitch Tutorials 17 page PDF with lots of clear how-to photos. Tutorial Includes: Identify Shaping Fixes and Options, Picking Up Sts on Garter Edges. Picking up additional sts evenly – the perfect formula. To pick up or not pick … Continue reading

Garter Stitch Seams Invisible Join How-tos With Photos

Inv Join Garter6

Click here to download Garter Stitch Seams Invisible Join WOW Tips Here!  ‘Phototorial’ How-Tos Garter edge seams do not need to be perceived as a daunting challenge.   The goal in working this technique is to invisibly join stitch rows of … Continue reading

How to Increase and Decrease Evenly Across a Row – The Perfect Formula for Knitting & Crochet

How to Increase and Decrease Evenly Across a Row FEATURE PHOTO FOR HOME PAGE

How To Increase and Decrease Evenly Across A Row – The Perfect Formula … works for both knitting and crochet … Click here to download There are two versions of this tutorial. Part I  is two tutorials, one on Increasing … Continue reading

Organize & Create a Great Studio Space – Tips, Guidelines, & Supplies


Click here to download Organize & Create a Great Studio Space Whether there is ample space or space is at a premium, the same rules of organization apply.  The more organized I am, the more I can devote my time … Continue reading

‘DUPLICATE STITCH CHAIN GANGS’ – Another Method for the Duplicate Stitch

dup st post 1

How Tos: ‘Duplicate Stitch Chain Gangs’ – Another Way to Create a Duplicate Stitch Click here to download The duplicate stitch is a wonderful design element.  As nice as the duplicate stitch is, it can sometimes be challenging to produce … Continue reading

I-Cords Exposed – Again … Crochet Stockinette St. & NEW Rectangular Knit I-Cord

i.cord 3 ways in black and white.cropped

I-Cords Exposed Again … Click here to download A Stockinette St I-cord Can be Achieved With Three Different Methods   The knitted i-cord has always been a dependable, go-to stand-by when quick ties, chin straps, or embellishment are needed. For … Continue reading

Knitting & Crochet By-Products: Swatch Boards & How To Make Them

swatch board 101.web comp

               Swatch Boards  Knitting & Crochet  By-Products Click hereto download Swatching is key to good knitting or crocheting results. The more projects you do, the more swatches you prepare. Suddenly you have a multitude of swatches. When the swatch container … Continue reading