To Rip or Not to Rip. That is the Question. Done done 0.the question


the scenario I talk about with knitting and crochet students…

EASY DECISION TO RIP OUT MISTAKES OR WORK THAT YOU DO NOT LIKE – Most important, do not waste valuable time that you could spend knitting or crocheting by hemming and hawing over whether to rip out something you are or are not quite satisfied with.

This is not rocket science; make a decision and move on. The way to do this is really quite simple; as the answer will be one or the other of the following:

If you know you will not lose sleep over it and you know it will not be seen if you were passing by on a galloping horse, leave it and move on.

OR, if you know you will lose sleep over it and you do not want anyone else to see it even though they are not a knitter or crocheter and will not realize that they are looking at a “mistake” then take these steps:

  1. rip it out,
  2. cry a river,
  3. build a bridge, and get over it.

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Quintessential Images and Realities Visited: Cats & Yarn and Needles & Yarn

No On Kittens And Needles And Yarn

no on kittens and needles and yarn


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A crocheting friend of mine, (only just yesterday – the truth!), took her sick cat to the vet. The diagnosis: YARN the cat had swallowed which caused the cat multiple health problems. This begs the comment …

What do we often see in yarn ‘advertisements’ but the quintessential photo of the oh-so-cute kitten and ball of yarn; this does not address reality.  Cats and yarn do not belong together.  Obviously if one is unable refrain from letting their precious felines play with it, it should be closely monitored.  It also gets caught in their teeth.  I have cats and I do not let them touch the yarn.  I love them and don’t want to take them to the vet for something that could have been easily prevented.



Then that also reminds me of another quintessential photo that we see more often than not when knitting needles or crochet hooks are shown with yarn/wool.  They are usually shown impaling a ball of yarn; it makes for an artistic graphic but, again, does not address reality.  This is one of the worst things in the world you could do to yarn/wool; it will tear and/or split the yarn. Yes, sometimes this is relatively fixable, but the bottom line is that needles do not belong stuck in a ball of yarn.  If you are afraid you will lose a needle when you need to leave your work, it is easy enough to find another method of storing work-in-process.

I would like to call these my ‘opinions’, but I think, perhaps, these are realities.

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