IS THIS YOU ? ‘I don’t/won’t crochet but I still need an edge on my knit selvage!’ Here’s a ‘Knit-On’ Edge Crochet Result

KO edge5

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“I can’t crochet but I need a single crochet edge on this knitting!”
“I don’t want to crochet but I STILL need a single crochet edge on the selvage sides of my knitted piece!”
“I know how to crochet but I don’t enjoy it and I don’t want to do it but I still need a single crochet edge on this knitting!”


A Knitted ‘single crochet’ border – how to achieve
If you insist you just can’t crochet, or if you don’t like to crochet, here are techniques to create the equivalent of a single crochet border by knitting.

Materials: 4-ply knitting worsted, 10″ knitting needles Size 7, 16″ circular needle size 9.

The basketweave pattern block: co 25 sts. Wk short rows over 2 sts on ea end of needle every 8th&9th row . (short row how to: k2 sts beg of row, turn, k2 again, turn, k the row)

Row 1: k5, p5 to end, ending p5.
Row 2: k
Row 3: row 1
Row 4: k
Row 5: row 1
Row 6: k
Row 7: k2, p3, k5, p5, k5, p3, k2.
Row 8: k
Row 9: row 7
Row 10: k
Row 11: row 7
Row 12: k
Wk rows 1-12 once more, then rows 1-5 once, bo in k w/needle 2 sizes larger.

PART I: Knitted ‘Single Crochet’ Technique for BO Knitted Edge of Two Needle Knitting
For a single side of a knitted piece.

1. Bo last row of knitting w/needle 2 sizes larger.

2. w/DP needle 2 sizes larger, p/u sts across bo row THRU BACK LP … w/live yarn in back of needle after ea st is picked up. Why? Because after picking up the stitches the work will NOT be turned; and the picked up sts will not have been twisted.

3. Cut yarn; do NOT turn. W/2nd needle 2 sizes larger, beg at 1st picked up st, bind off to end of row.

In photo #3 the sts to the right of the pin were bo w/knitting needle; the sts to the left of the pin were done as single crochets with a crochet hook.


Part II: Knitted ‘Single Crochet’ Technique for Circular Knitting
For an edge around the entire knitted piece

1. bo last row w/needle 2 sizes larger.

2. P/u sts on first side/bo edge: to pick up sts don’t beg at the 1st st on a corner, but start in a st somewhere toward the middle of the side (photo #4)
Note for side edges: p/u 1 st in ea garter bump – one st for every 2 knitted rows in garter st (photo #6, showing pins in garter ridge)
Now, w/circular needle 2 sizes larger, p/u sts thru back lp across to last st at corner,
* p/u st in last st, co 1 st (this will be the ctr corner st, see photo #5&6), p/u sts across side to last st at corner, rep * around, CUT (photo #7).

3. Bo rnd: picking up yarn anew, w/same needle, bo around, untwisting ea co st at ea corner before knitting it. Cut; pull yarn thru w/o stretching last bo st.

4. Wk invisible join (photos #8 – 10).




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How-tos: Seamless Beginning Rnd and Ending Rnd



1        3

1)  pull up a loop                           2)  ch1                        3)  sc in next st, finish rnd to last st

4      5     6

B.  END OF RND:  When the last st of the rnd is worked, cut yarn leaving a 6″ tail. Pull thru lp on hk maintaining st size (#4).  Thread yarn needle; insert needle thru/under both lps of 1st sc st of rnd, then insert needle into ctr of last st of rnd thru to the wrong side and under the additional horizontal st; do not twist st (5&6).  With right side facing, size the top of the st to match beg and end sts and also size beg pulled up lp.  From wrong side, w/beg and ending tail tie square know without disturbing the gauge of the top st. completed; weave in ends.




How-Tos: Knit-On Garter Border by Susan D. Kerin

knit on garter border1
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Note:  do not wrap short rows; follow directions as given.

Co 17 sts,

k 1 row.

Next k17, w/rs facing, thru both lps, p/u a st from bound off row: 18 sts (first and second photos).

K next row.

Row 1:  k15, turn.

Row 2:  k 15.  Row 3:  k 16, k2 tog, p/u a st in the next bound off st. (third photo)

Row 4:  k 18.

Rep Rows 1-4.


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